“I’ve been all around this great wide World,
from the big, big city to some one horse town.
I’ve cruised through the desert under an endless Texas sky
and sat and stared in wonder at the Hollywood sign.
Wherever you go and whatever you do
you gotta follow your heart and never let go”

He’s been sculpting the low end for the deepest part of 30 years, toured with big name pop junkies and improvised jazz in ‘dives’. He’s laid down the funk, jived with mean mofo’s and grooved all-night blues with them soul brothers. He has rocked with the heaviest and rolled with the punches; danced in the spotlight in support of celebrities and stars and foot-tapped the boards in thankless theatre productions…then chased creativity in recording studios shaping the next wannabee.

All this and he still comes back for more. His love and passion is what fattens his account and makes his happiness complete.

He’s the one with the hat that fits! Doing what he loves best.
The best job in the World.

I play da bass, man!
I am the Bassman.                                                                                                        

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